Wall and Drywall Repair due to Water, Weather, or Bee Infestation

The walls of a South Florida home put up with some serious wear and tear. From hurricanes to bee infestations, most Florida homeowners will have to consider home repairs at least once in their lifetime. As Fort Lauderdale carpenter bee damage and drywall repair experts, we offer free estimates. Contact us today at 954-483-5533.

When do walls need repairing?

We often have to repair a wall after we have removed a nest. Bees tend to nest in walls that have holes or openings for utility lines. Once bees set up a nest, we must open up the wall so we can remove and relocate the honeycomb.

Many contractors might simply close up the wall, but doing so will cause the hive to die within your wall, leaving pounds of honeycomb and honey to melt and rot your interior structures.

When our Fort Lauderdale carpenter bee damage and drywall repair specialists come to repair a bee-damaged wall, we remove and relocate the entire colony before we start the repairs. Once we are sure the bees are gone, we patch and paint your wall using the same original materials, creating a flawless match to the rest of your house.


We Also Fix Storm-Damaged Walls

Florida’s active storm and hurricane seasons often cause damage to exterior walls. We fix the damage done by wind and debris, whether it’s dented siding or a hole in your exterior walls. After the repairs, we make sure everything is painted and primed, ready to weather another hurricane season.

We can complete most Fort Lauderdale wall and drywall repairs in a single day. If your situation takes longer, we secure the construction site, so no unwanted pests make it into the exposed wall. We secure our work against the elements as well, so there’s no worry about water damage while your wall is under repair.

Bee Boyz Inc. Repairs Any Types of Wall

Concrete block, stucco, wood frame — our experienced and licensed contractors can repair any wall. We use top quality materials that will stand up to Florida’s harsh sun and severe storms. Our expert team of contractors handles every part of the wall repair from removal to painting.

During our Fort Lauderdale wall and drywall repair process, we can also examine the entire exterior of your home and identify any other potential entry points for bees or other pests. If we find any other problems, we can patch those holes or repair those areas immediately to ensure your home is bee-free for years to come.

When bees have made their home in your walls or storm damage has created a hazard, call Bee Boyz Inc. at 954-483-5533. We offer free estimates and inspection of your damaged walls. Our Fort Lauderdale carpenter bee damage and drywall repair professionals serve the Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties.

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