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South Florida has the perfect climate for bees, which can perform their crucial jobs for our ecosystem, agriculture, and native plants all year long. These insects serve an important purpose that typically benefits humans in the long run. However, when bees choose to make their nests in and around homes and businesses, they often leave behind costly damage, and the expense of fixing it falls on the property owner.

If you have noticed more bees or wasps around your home or business, Bee Boyz, Inc. can help. We provide bee removal in Davie, along with bee relocation, contracting services to fix bee-related damage, and groundskeeping services to keep native plants thriving and bees away from your structures. Contact us today at (954) 483-5533 for your free quote on bee removal service.

Bees Can Seriously Damage Structures of All Kinds

Most species of bees do not cause harm to buildings, but the nests they build inside structures can cause extensive damage, even after they have left the hive. Bees select their nesting areas based on the conditions; they prefer cool, shady spots that provide shelter but also give them access to outside resources. Unfortunately, many areas in and around homes and businesses fit these criteria.

Beehive in Wall

If they can find an entrance through small holes or openings on the exterior of buildings, bees will take over the area inside a wall and build a nest. One species, carpenter bees, will even bore holes through untreated wood to get inside. Once there, they gather by the thousands to create massive hives. Even after they abscond, or flee the hive, it can continue to cause damage. In fact, it may worsen.

Without bees present to cool the honeycomb with their wings, it becomes vulnerable to the Florida heat and often melts. This wax seeps into boards and walls and causes leftover honey to ferment, which can attract other insects and sometimes small animals. We offer timely beehive removal services, and our licensed and insured contractors can repair the structural damage left behind.

Bees in Soffit

The underside of the eaves of your roof, called soffits, often attract nesting bees looking to find a protected area in which to build their colonies. Depending on where in the soffit they gather, you may have direct exposure to them when you enter and exit the premises. Many people worry about stings, which do occur when bees or wasps feel the need to protect their nests. They can also ruin your soffits, and the longer they live there, the more damage they can do.

Bees on Vehicles

Floridians know that bees sometimes make homes in vacant cars, trucks, boats, RVs, and other vehicles. This does happen, but swarming bees more frequently cause problems for drivers than nests. Bees travel in groups, and when they need to take a break, they often rest together on vehicles. They typically move along within a few hours, but you may not have a few hours to wait. We offer same-day bee removal in Davie for circumstances like these so that you can get back on the road as soon as possible. Call us at (954) 483-5533 for urgent service.

Bees on Construction Sites

Construction sites make ideal locations for bees to nest due to the many convenient spots in which they can build their homes. Workers often find them in pipes, under boards, and in the walls of partially built structures, but sometimes, they go unnoticed until someone accidentally disturbs a nest. This can cause territorial aggression, which can lead to serious injury and sometimes death. Before you demolish or build, we can come out to do a full inspection and remove bee or wasp nests to ensure the safety of your crew.

How to Identify a Bee Infestation

If you see bees around your home or business, that does not necessarily mean you have a nesting problem. However, you can watch for certain indicators of hives, nests, or colonization, which include:

  • A sudden increase in the number of bees
  • Many bees gathering around a particular area
  • “Bee balls,” or clusters of bees
  • Buzzing sounds from inside walls, soffits, and other spaces
  • New holes in walls and exterior boards, particularly the running boards along the bottom of your roof

The sooner you recognize the issue and remove the bees or wasps, the better. If you notice these signs of bee infestation, we can help you resolve the problem before it gets worse.

Do Not Attempt to Remove the Bees Yourself

Most bees have a docile nature, and even wasps do not typically attack unless disturbed. Once they feel threatened, though, they often become aggressive to protect their colonies and their homes. Some species, such as Africanized honeybees and yellowjackets, become agitated more easily than others, but even the calmest species can sting if they feel the need.

People might suggest that you spray the nest or hive with a hose or use store-bought chemical sprays to kill them, but these approaches usually just make the colonies angry, causing them to attack people and pets. It may seem like an easy solution, but it could have dangerous consequences. If you need bee removal in Davie, trust our professionals to provide safe removal and relocation services.

Our Natural Bee Removal Process

As often as we can, we remove the bees alive by using wood smoke to relax them. We then gently place their hives in special containers designed for transport so that they can settle back into them when they arrive at their new home with an area beekeeper. This minimally invasive method causes as little disturbance to your home as possible and allows us to protect the bees, too.

In some cases, we cannot remove them alive during the removal process. If the bees or wasps become overly aggressive or pose a threat to the population of native bees, we humanely euthanize them and remove the insects and their nests from your home. Regardless of the method the situation requires, we use specialized practices to ensure the safety of your family and seal all access points on your home to help prevent future infestations.

Bee Removal Near Me

From ground-nesting bees in meter boxes to wasps in soffits, the trained professionals at Bee Boyz, Inc. can handle it all. Under the guidance of our founder, beekeeper, and longtime South Floridian Jorge Valencia, we provide safe, effective bee removal and relocation in Davie and the surrounding area, as well as contracting and landscaping services. Call us at (954) 483-5533 or fill out our online form today for your free estimate.

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