Removing Wasps and Bees in Soffits

A soffit is the underside area of your roof overhang. Because these areas provide necessary protection, they are a very attractive place for bees to create a colony. While some people may advise you to just shoot the nest with a store-bought bee spray or water, know that these sprays can make even the most docile bees very aggressive. Do not attempt to handle bees in soffits on your own. Call the professional bee removal experts at Bee Boyz Inc. and let them take care of it: 954-483-5533.

Assessing Your Soffit Infestation

Seeing bees, wasps, or yellow jackets flying around your soffits does not guarantee you have a colony dwelling within. Before you do anything, you may want to consider observing the bees for a day or so.

CAUTION: Do not go near the bees; even docile bees can become aggressive if they believe you are threatening the hive or nest. Consider keeping children and pets away from the area until you call Bee Boyz Inc.

Because not all of the bees can enter the soffit at the same time, you may see bees swarming regularly around the soffit or you may see a “bee ball” on the surface of the soffit. If you see either of these, it is likely that you have a nest or the beginnings of one.

It is best to address bees in soffits at the early stages before they begin building a honeycomb, as the removal process will be easier and faster. Regardless of when you catch the infestation, you need to act quickly before it becomes a safety hazard.

If you believe you have an infestation or the beginnings of one, give Bee Boyz Inc. a call.

How the South Florida Bee Removal Professionals Take Care of Bees in Soffits

Bee Boyz Inc. offers a free inspection and quote before any removal takes place. We will show you how much soffit we will have to remove as well as the cost of any necessary repairs.

The members of our bee removal team are also licensed contractors, so you can be sure that all the work we do on your house will be up to code and guaranteed. We do everything possible to keep the bees alive, minimize the damage to your home, restore it to its original state, and prevent further infestations.

For severe infestations, removal and repair may take a few days, during which we will focus on securing the area and preventing any entry while repair of the exposed soffits takes place.

At the first sight of bees, call Bee Boyz Inc. at 954-483-5533 for a free inspection. The earlier we can get to work on your bee problem, the less hassle it will be for you and your family.

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