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Bee Boyz Contractors handle jobs big and small.

We specialize in Fort Lauderdale carpenter bee removal and control, repairing bee damage, remodeling, and floor installations. Get a FREE estimate by calling 954-483-5533.

We Fix Bee Removal Damage

During our Fort Lauderdale carpenter bee removal and control process, it may be necessary to open walls or soffits to get rid of a hive or nest. We know no homeowner wants to be stuck with open walls, so we offer to patch things up the same day the bee removal is complete on your home.

If you have areas prone to attracting nesting or carpenter bees, we can repair your structures to prevent new hives from moving in. We can also help with the damage done by carpenter bees and other nuisance pests. Our goal as Fort Lauderdale carpenter bee removal and control experts is to restore your soffits or walls to their previous state — bee-free and secure from future infestations.

Remodeling is Easy with Bee Boyz Contractors

Bee Boyz Florida

Why hunt down multiple contractors when you can deal with just one? Our Fort Lauderdale home remodeling team can help with any type of project and connect you with local electricians and plumbers who will do the job right. If you are tired of your old bathroom or kitchen or want to enclose that carport for a nice garage, we can make it happen.

Budgets for remodeling can get out of hand quickly, but we’ll help you mind your finances with updates about material and labor costs. Our family will treat your home like our own and make sure it gets the care it needs.

Bee Boyz Flooring Specialties

A new floor can brighten up a room. We install all types of flooring:

  • Tile
  • Terrazzo
  • Carpet
  • Wood
  • Linoleum
  • Laminate

If you have existing flooring that needs repair or restoration, let us restore it to its former glory.

Our flooring services include removal of existing flooring, prep of the area, and complete installation of your new floors. Don’t have a flooring type in mind? Our experts can help you pick the material that is right for your home.

Hurricane or Weather Damage

Don’t Let Hurricane Season Catch You Off Guard

Hurricanes are a part of life in South Florida, but Bee Boyz Inc. has you covered. We can perform hurricane damage repair, replace shutters, and help you storm-proof your home before the next system makes landfall in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding communities.

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