Removing Bees on Construction Site

Do Not Start Demolishing a Structure Until You Call Us

Construction sites are an ideal location for bees to set up colonies. Whether you are demolishing existing structures, building from scratch, or adding on to an existing building, as Fort Lauderdale construction site bees nest removal experts, we can help inspect and remove any bees before they cause problems.

One of the most common ways a construction crew finds a nest is by demolishing existing buildings. As the walls come down the bees come out, bringing demo to a screeching halt. Depending on the type of bee that is nesting in the structure, you could be exposing your workers to painful stings and lingering threats. Many bees become aggressive and difficult to remove completely if workers disturb the nest during demolition.

Our beekeepers inspect every corner of your building before demolition. If we identify bee hives within walls, soffits, or under eaves, we can open the area up and safely remove the bees. Complete removal means your crew can get back to demolishing the building without worrying about swarming bees looking for their home.

If you are clearing a lot for a new buildout, you still need to be wary of ground-nesting bees, especially yellow jackets and Africanized honey bees. Our landscape cleanout service can help clear the area and remove any bee nests residing on the property.

Bees Are a Danger to More than Just Construction Workers

It is obvious bees can pose a risk to your construction workers. What many foremen do not realize is the risk of damage bees bring to a construction project. When carpenter bees nest, they will let nothing stop them from boring holes into whatever obstructs their path. These bees have been known to bore through a concrete block and even remove nails from walls to access the hole.

If bees are removed and the nest is left behind, the honey produced within the nest can become corrosive. Honey can corrode wiring, eat through wood, and stain concrete, especially in the hot South Florida temperatures. Do not seal up a wall thinking that will kill the bees in the nest. Even if the hive’s population dies within the wall, the honeycomb and honey within can melt and cause structural damage.

Before You Build, Call for a Bee Inspection

Our natural bee removal services benefit new construction, demolition, and renovations. If you are about to begin working on your building, it is worth your time to call out a professional beekeeper to check for existing nests and help prevent future infestations. If you are nearing the end of your construction project, call our Fort Lauderdale construction site bees nest removal professionals for a final inspection to make sure you have not overlooked any bee-friendly entry points.

At Bee Boyz Inc. our goal is to keep your property bee-free throughout the entire life of the buildings. Call 954-483-5533 for a free inspection and estimate on our Fort Lauderdale construction site bees nest removal services.

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