Removing Bees from a Water Meter Box

Having bees in a water meter box brings several problems. It can interfere with city workers trying to service your property, and the bees can become a hazard to anyone working or playing in your yard.

Removing bees from water meter boxes is a job for professionals. Using store-bought chemical sprays can damage the equipment, may cause environmental hazards, and can cause the bees to become very aggressive. Natural bee removal is the best remedy for bees nesting in your meter.

The How and Why of Bees and Meters

Utility meters are semi-empty holes just waiting to have a swarm of bees establish their new colony. These metal boxes are often in-ground and already have an access hole, providing a cool, dark place where bees love to thrive. On-wall meter boxes are also an attractive home to bees because they are more secure from heat and the elements.

Another reason bees tend to nest in meters is the convenience. When removing bees, it is important the beekeeper takes the honeycomb and ensures the bees follow. An improper removal that takes just the honeycomb will result in lost bees frantically searching for a new home. They will nest anywhere convenient, and they often turn to meter boxes that already have an access hole and space to make a home.

Make sure you call a professional for any bee removal on your property, or you may just be moving the problem around.

You may notice bees start swarming in the spring and early summer months as the weather warms up. Bees will look to establish new colonies around this time, so it is best to start watching your meter boxes for activity around January. The faster you identify an infestation, the easier it will be to remove.

Remove Bees From Meters As Soon As Possible

Africanized honeybees are the most common type of bee found in Florida meters. As these bees prefer to nest in small places close to the ground, water meters are a perfect target. It is important to watch for any signs of bees near your meters and call Bee Boyz Inc. as soon as you notice a swarm near your meter.

CAUTION: Do NOT attempt to remove bees from water meters on your own as Africanized honeybees are extremely aggressive and often attack in swarms, which may prove deadly.

Removing bees from meters is fairly simple. We apply smoke to the meter box to calm the bees’ after we remove the lid, we place the bees and honeycombs in a special transport container until we arrive at a local beekeeper. We take special care with the queen bee and place her in a nuc box to keep her safe.

Once we have placed the bees in their special transport container, we take them off the property to introduce them to a new colony (honeybees) or humanely dispatched (Africanized honeybees). The removal process should not cause any damage to the meter and should not affect your utilities. If there is damage to your meter box caused by the bees, you should report it to the utility company immediately.

If you believe you have a bee infestation in your utility meter, call Bee Boyz Inc. at 954-483-5533 for a free inspection. We offer same-day removal services and offer contracting and landscaping to prevent future infestations.

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