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Bees serve an essential purpose in our local ecosystem, and they make critical contributions to agriculture and our food supply. Their resourcefulness allows them to find homes in all kinds of places, sometimes even in your home. Despite their usefulness, bees pose a risk to the health and safety of people and pets as well as the structural integrity of your home or business.

If you need commercial or residential bee removal in West Palm Beach, Bee Boyz, Inc. can remove the nuisance bees and, in most cases, relocate them with area beekeepers. We use natural methods to safely remove the bees and repair any damage done to the building to prevent future infestations. Contact us today at Call us at (954) 483-5533 for a free inspection, or you can contact us by filling out our online form for a fast and free quote.

Bees Often Make Their Nests on the Interior and Exterior of Homes and Businesses

Bees need sunlight to encourage activity, but they also need cool, shady places to rest, lay eggs, and feed their babies. Many areas of buildings provide just the right accommodations for bees to nest, including inside walls, soffits, and meter boxes. If you notice an increased number of bees or hear buzzing in a certain area, we can provide efficient beehive removal before the situation worsens.

Bees in Soffit

Soffits, one of the most common nesting areas for bees, provide the protection they need with easy access to the outside world. This setup may seem ideal for the bees, but their presence can cause a lot of problems for you. Most types of bees do not cause damage themselves, but the sheer weight of the colony combined with the effects of the hive on the structural materials of your home or business often leads to the need for repairs. Our bee removal service can stop the damage in its tracks, and our licensed and insured contractors can restore your building to its original condition.

Beehive in Wall

While outside areas make great places for beehives, homeowners and business owners often find them in walls, too. The insects find their way in through tiny gaps in siding, holes in wood, and openings for electrical wiring and colonize inside the walls. One species, known as carpenter bees, bore holes into your house or office to find their way inside. You might not notice bees at first, but you might eventually hear buzzing sounds when walking in the area, find small holes in the wall, or spot them gathering in certain interior spaces.

If you have bees gathering or nesting in areas inside or outside your home, business, or even your vehicle, Bee Boyz, Inc. offers reliable same-day bee removal in West Palm Beach. Call us at (954) 483-5533 for your free inspection.

Construction Sites Make Ideal Homes for Bees and Wasps

Bees love construction sites and for good reason. With so many open spaces to build their hives, they have plenty of options for building their nests. Construction workers have found bees in the walls and pipes of partially built structures as well as under boards and in ground nests. If you see hives, nests, or swarms on your construction site, our team of trained professionals can provide removal and relocation as quickly as possible so that you can return to work.

We also encourage contractors to call us before they begin a demolition or build, as disrupting hidden nests can cause the bees to become aggressive and attack workers, resulting in multiple stings that can lead to illness or even death.

How Our Natural Bee Removal Process Works

We know that bees do not intend to cause harm, but in the wrong environments, they can injure humans and pets and cause structural damage. Led by South Floridian beekeeper Jorge Valencia, our team uses only the safest methods possible when removing bees to prevent causing damage to your home or the hive.

As often as possible, we remove the live bees from your home and gently take down their hives to preserve them for continued use by the bees. We do this by using wood smoke to relax them, which makes it easier for us to remove them. We then place the hive in a special container and bring it along with the bees to a local beekeeper. This solution offers an optimal outcome for both homeowners and the bees, who can then serve their purpose in a safe habitat.

Although we avoid it when we can, some cases require us to euthanize the bees or wasps. Certain species become aggressive more easily or post a threat to native bee populations, so we cannot relocate them. However, we will manage the process as non-invasively as possible regardless of the approach we take and restore the area to its original condition to prevent nesting in the future.

If you suspect that you may have a problem with bees or wasps at your home or business, we can provide you with effective bee removal in West Palm Beach.

We Can Repair the Damage Caused by Bees and Their Hives

With the exception of carpenter bees, bees themselves typically cause very little damage. However, the hives they leave behind can lead to structural concerns on the interior and exterior of the building. Bees cool their honeycombs with their wings. When they flee the hive, known as absconding, the wax becomes vulnerable to the Florida heat and melts. This substance can seep into building materials, stain walls, and lead to the growth of bacteria and the fermentation of honey. This not only causes damage to your home, but it may also attract insects and other animals.

After a bee removal, we always repair our access points before completing the job. If the bees or their nests have already caused extensive damage to your home or business, we can repair that, as well. Our contractors offer renovation and repair service and landscaping. We design all of our services to benefit you and protect your structure by discouraging ground nests and integrating native plants into your lawn and garden.

Bee Removal Near Me

People might suggest that you spray a bee or wasp nest with your hose or use sprays to manage the problem, but they often make the problem worse by agitating the bees, which can lead to stings. Our professional bee removal makes the process safe and easy, and our standard post-removal inspections help prevent you from dealing with bee infestations down the road.

Call the team at Bee Boyz, Inc. today at (954) 483-5533 for your free quote on bee removal and relocation services.

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