Removing Bees in Cars and Boats in Fort Lauderdale

Do not believe the myth that bees will only set up a hive in abandoned or covered vehicles. Bees are attracted to vehicles that sit stationary for even a few hours, such as when you park to go shopping or to work. Many South Floridians have left places like Sawgrass Mills Mall after a day of shopping only to find a swarm of bees in their cars.

Why do bees gather on cars and boats?

The good news is bees rarely create colonies on a car or boat. Rather, bees usually use vehicles as a resting place during swarm season (the period between June and August when the weather creates opportunity to build a hive). Large groups of bees take flight and rest on areas along the way, sending out scouts to look for a suitable location for a nest.

While swarm gatherings usually only last a few hours, they can be a problem when you are trying to use your vehicle. There is no way to prevent bees from selecting your car or boat, so the best solution is to call a Fort Lauderdale bee hive removal and relocation service professional.

Where do bees like to land on cars and boats?

Bees are attracted to the underside of vehicles or on the sides where they are less likely to be in direct sun. Bees prefer shady spots, so cars parked under trees may be a more common target than a car out in the sun. It is unlikely that you will find bees under the cover of a stored boat or car, but they may decide to nest on top of the protective cover.

Car owners have approached their vehicles to see their doors covered in bees, while boat owners may find a swarm of bees hanging off the hull of their vessel. Most of us cannot wait for the bees to just move on from our car or boat, so a Fort Lauderdale hive removal and relocation specialist is necessary to remove the bees quickly.

Bees on Vehicles May Lead to More Problems

If you discover bees on your car or boat near your home it may be a sign that you have a larger bee problem. Prompt vehicle and boat bee removal is crucial to avoid a full infestation on your property. Bees that swarm on cars are on the lookout for a new place to build a hive. If you are parked near your home or in a garage, the bees may choose to make their nest in an opening in your home.

If you notice bees in your car or boat in Fort Lauderdale, do not wait for them to leave on their own. Call a reputable bee hive removal and relocation service expert as soon as possible. The expert can remove the bees before they have a chance to begin establishing a colony in your roof, soffits, or walls.

Do not let a bee swarm become a bee infestation. When you notice swarms in the air or discover your vehicle is overrun with bees, call Bee Boyz Inc. We offer quick service and bring our equipment to estimates so we can get to work as fast as possible. Call 954-483-5533 for bee removal now!

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