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Bees help keep South Florida beautiful, and the consistently warm weather allows them to thrive all year long. While this benefits the bees, our agriculture, and our ecosystem, it sometimes spells disaster for home and business owners, who often find them nesting too close for comfort. Many people worry about stings, but bees usually have a docile temperament unless disturbed. Damage to structures occurs more frequently, as their nests can destroy building materials and leave you with the expenses.

Bee Boyz Inc. offers effective bee removal in Pembroke Pines, and our team of professionals will take steps to help prevent future infestation, as well. We remove the bees alive as often as possible, relocate them, and repair the damage they caused. The natural method we use protects the safety of your family and pets and makes it easier for us to resettle the bees away from your home. Call us today at (954) 483-5533 for your free estimate on bee removal service.

Bees Nest in Many Places in and Around Homes and Businesses

Bees like to build their hives in cool dark places, and many areas on buildings, in yards, and even inside structures provide the ideal conditions. Certain bees, particularly the more aggressive species like the Africanized honeybee, will even make their nests underground in water meter boxes.

Construction sites often draw bees in, as well, because of the many convenient places for nesting. Crews often find them behind boards, inside walls and pipes, and on construction equipment. Sometimes, though, they may not even know of their presence until they accidentally disturb a nest, which can cause aggression and lead to serious or deadly consequences. Before you begin a demolition or start building, we encourage you to call us out for an inspection to ensure the safety of your crew.

Bee Hive in Wall

If they can find a way into them, bees and wasps will not hesitate to build their nests inside the walls of homes and businesses. Carpenter bees, one of the few species that uses destructive methods to make their homes, will even bore into untreated wood on the outside to get in if they cannot find another entrance. Most often, bees get inside through small openings in wood and siding.

Once inside, the number of bees increases rapidly, often into the thousands. You may even hear buzzing as you walk by or notice bees around a specific area of the wall. Once they abscond, or leave their nest, their hives can melt in the Florida heat, and the resulting liquified wax can stain walls and seep into construction materials. The melting hive can also result in the fermentation of leftover honey, which may attract insects and small animals. We offer both bee hive removal and contracting services to help you resolve your bee problem for good.

Bees in Soffit

The soffit, or the underside of the eaves of your roof, often attract bees and wasps due to the shelter they provide. While convenient for the bees, the weight of their colonies and the nests they leave behind can ruin your soffits.

If you notice bees flying around your soffits, we recommend keeping an eye on the area from a safe distance for a few days to see if you notice signs of colonization, such as an increase in the number of bees or clusters of bees, known as “bee balls.” If so, we can come out as soon as possible to remove the bees before the issue gets worse.

Bees on Vehicles

While bees do like to nest in vacant cars, trucks, boats, and other vehicles, their swarms typically inconvenience Floridians more often. Bees travel in groups, and when they rest, they often do so on cars. It makes no difference to them whether you last used it an hour ago or a month ago; they just want a place to take a break. You might walk outside after a quick trip to the store only to discover that bees have swarmed your vehicle, making it impossible for you to leave.

Bee Boyz Inc. offers same-day bee removal in Pembroke Pines for situations like these and will come to you quickly to resolve the issue. Call us right away at (954) 483-5533 for urgent professional assistance.

Attempting to Remove Bees Yourself Can Lead to Dangerous Situations

Many people try to address their bee and wasp infestations themselves by spraying the nests with a hose or using store-bought chemical sprays to kill them. Unfortunately, these approaches often agitate the bees, who then become aggressive and may attack people and pets.

You may not worry about a couple of bee stings, but certain species can cause serious health concerns. Africanized honeybees, for example, have an overly aggressive nature and often attack as a group, stinging multiple times. In some cases, this has proved deadly. Our process uses safe methods to resolve the issue effectively and permanently.

Our Natural Bee Removal Process

As often as we can, our team removes bees alive so that we can relocate them with an area beekeeper. We start by using wood smoke to make the bees relax, which makes it easier for us and the bees to remove them. We also gently remove their hives and place them in a special container for transport so the bees can resettle in them later. Then, we can repair the damage they caused and check your home or business for other access points, which we seal upon discovery.

Some infestations require us to euthanize, but we do this as rarely and humanely as possible. Certain species of bees and wasps can become particularly aggressive or pose a threat to native bee populations, so we cannot responsibly relocate them. Regardless of the approach we have to take, we use natural, non-invasive methods to complete the job.

Bee Removal Near Me

If you need bee removal in Pembroke Pines, the experts at Bee Boyz Inc. can provide efficient removal and relocation services, repair any damage caused by the bees, and create native landscapes around your home or business that encourage the growth of native plants while discouraging the settlement of ground-nesting bees. Fill out our online form today for your free estimate.

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