If you walk on it, we can take care of it! From landscaping your lawn to installing new flooring in your home, Bee Boyz Inc. has you covered. We specialize in all types of hard flooring – vinyl, laminate, tile, marble, even terrazzo. Our team does both interior and exterior installs, so whether it’s a patio around your new pool or changing from carpeting to tile in an older home, we handle all sizes of jobs.

Our Flooring Installation Services


We handle all aspects of flooring construction. Our Fort Lauderdale flooring installation contractors can demolish and remove existing flooring or carpeting and prime the space for a new look. Before the work begins, we help you estimate the time we will need to install the new flooring and work on a plan for moving from room to room.

For full house installs, we help move furniture around and minimize the time of displacement of your furniture. Our team works quickly to finish your floor so you can put your rooms back together and start enjoying your new flooring as soon as possible.

Not sure what type of flooring will work best in your space? Our Fort Lauderdale flooring contractors offer a free consultation and on-site estimate where they can assess your needs and suggest the best options for your foot traffic and budget.

We Install Flooring On New and Existing Construction

Regardless if your building is a work in progress or a finished property that needs a new look, we can create a beautiful floor. Small or large spaces are no problem, and we can work room by room if need be to minimize inconvenience. For commercial properties, we can come in after hours to reduce interruption during work hours.

Our clients love our terrazzo and tile work around their new pools. We provide design services to match the color and aesthetics of your space to maximize the enjoyment of your new flooring. Our pool decks are made to last through Florida’s weather and harsh conditions.

Why get new flooring?

Maybe your current flooring is suffering from the wear and tear that comes with age. If you have pets, the carpet can be a breeding ground for fleas and allergens. There are numerous reasons you may need new flooring, and Bee Boyz Inc. is here to help you get the best solution for your flooring needs.

Carpet is quickly becoming a design choice of the past. Many homeowners are ripping out their old shag or pile carpet for flooring that is easier to clean and maintain and won’t trap allergens like dust or pet dander. We can resurface existing hard floors or work from the concrete slab up, creating an elegant and long-lasting surface that will hold up for years to come.

Our Fort Lauderdale flooring contractors show you all the best options for your space and lets you choose the shades, textures, and designs that suit your preferences. If you are tired of walking on any of the following, we can help:

  • Worn-down tile
  • Scuffed laminate
  • Cracked marble
  • Stained carpet

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