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While bee problems occur most commonly in spring and summer, the warm South Florida climate makes it ideal for year-round nesting. Bees play an important role in pollination and food supply, but when they make their homes in your home, they can cause serious structural damage. If you notice that bee nests or that more bees than usual have gathered around your house, business, or vehicle, we can provide you with safe bee removal service.

At Bee Boyz Inc., our professionals use efficient, humane methods to provide commercial and residential bee removal in Fort Lauderdale. Except in rare instances in which they threaten native bee populations or attack people or pets, our natural techniques allow us to relocate the bees with area beekeepers so they can serve their purpose without destroying your property.

If you suspect you may have a bee problem anywhere in your home or business, fill out our free estimate form online to request a quote.

How to Identify Bees in Your Home or Business

Bees will build hives anywhere that offers them protection from the elements, and unfortunately, that often includes vulnerable areas of homes such as water meters, electrical boxes, and gutters. They also like construction sites, as unfinished buildings provide ample space for them to make homes behind walls, in pipes, and under boards. Identifying bee infestations depends on where they built their nest, but certain signs often indicate a problem.

Bee Hive in Wall

Bees will often nest inside walls because of the safety they provide to the colony. They find their way by finding access points in siding or wood, openings for electrical wiring, or by burrowing into the boards that line the bottom portion of your roof.

Homeowners and business owners often notice bees in their walls because of the sound, as large groups of bees can make buzzing noises loud enough for those walking by to hear. You may also notice holes where the bees travel in and out of the wall.

Bees in Soffit

Soffits, or the underside of the area that projects off of your roof, make the ideal home for many types of bees. They provide the protection they need to thrive and, if left undisturbed, often do not bother humans or animals. However, if you attempt to remove them yourself, they will likely become aggressive to protect their colonies.

You may notice that bees or wasps have settled into your soffits if you see them swarming or notice a cluster on its surface, which typically indicates that the bees have nested or have begun to build their hive.

Bees in or on Vehicles

While they do colonize in unused cars and boats, bees will also swarm on frequently driven vehicles. They do this during the warmer months to rest in the groups they travel in, and they usually move on within a few hours. Most people do not have a few hours to wait, though, and they may attack if you attempt to remove them on your own.

If you have noticed swarms or hives in any area of your home, business, or vehicle, Bee Boyz Inc. can provide you with expert bee removal in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding area. Call us right away at (954) 483-5533 for fast, reliable service.

The Damage Bee Hives Can Cause

With the exception of carpenter bees, which bore holes in structures, bees themselves rarely cause damage to buildings. However, when bees no longer have use for their hive and leave it behind, it can continue to cause structural damage over an extended period of time.

Hives typically consist of wax and honey, and when exposed to the Florida heat, they can melt within the walls, seeping into the wood, leading to the growth of bacteria, and speeding up the fermentation of leftover honey. These processes can erode and stain the materials inside your walls, and the weight of the substances can damage the areas they inhabit.

In most cases, bees and wasps leave families and pets alone. However, they can become agitated if people bother their nests, which can occur accidentally. This can lead to swarming and severe stings which, particularly in instances involving children and those who have bee allergies, can have serious consequences.

At Bee Boyz Inc., our team not only offers the safe removal and relocation of bees, but we also have licensed contractors who can repair any damage and restore the affected area to its original state to prevent infestations from occurring again in the future.

How Natural Bee Hive Removal Works

Our experts provide natural bee removal in Fort Lauderdale that maintains your safety and the structural integrity of your home or business while respecting the importance of the bees to our local ecosystem. In most cases, we remove the bees alive and relocate them with local beekeepers who encourage the health and population of bees in South Florida. We only euthanize if the species poses a threat to native bees or they become too aggressive to remove safely.

We start by identifying the species of wasp or bee to determine how to approach the removal process. Species we remove include:

  • Honey Bees
  • Africanized Honey Bees
  • Bumblebees
  • Carpenter bees
  • Mud daubers
  • Yellowjackets
  • Other types of wasps

We then create a removal plan for accessing the bees while disrupting their home and yours as little as possible. For many types of bees, we start by using a smoker, which releases wood smoke into the hive and helps the bees relax so that we can remove and transport them more easily. We also attempt to keep the honeycomb intact when removing it so the bees will feel comfortable in their relocated home.

After removing the bees and their nest, we repair any areas we had to open to access the bees and seal the areas thoroughly to prevent bees from settling there again. In some cases, such as when we have to open walls or repair damaged structures, we may have to come back to finish our work, but we always ensure its completion and inspect the rest of your home before finalizing the job.

Bee Removal Near Me

The safe removal of bees requires specialized training, and attempting to resolve the situation yourself may cause more harm than good. Our trained team can remove the bees or wasps nesting in your home, business, or vehicle using natural methods that allows us to successfully relocate the bees and prevent future infestations. If you need bee removal in Fort Lauderdale, call Bee Boyz Inc. today at (954) 483-5533 for your free inspection.

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