Removing Bees from Residential and Commercial Walls

In general, bees typically do not do too much damage to walls where they nest. However, an unattended bee nest can carry dire consequences for your structure. Knowing how to identify bees in your walls is the first step to protecting the stability of your home and the safety of your family. Contact Bee Boyz for Fort Lauderdale professional bee removal and relocation services.

Identifying Bees in Walls

Bees nest in your walls by finding an existing access point, or by boring into untreated fascia boards. The latter type of bee is the carpenter bee, and their nesting in walls can cause structural damage if left unattended. Many other bee types will nest in walls by finding gaps in siding, knots in wood structures, and openings for wiring.

You may first notice bees by the noise they make constructing their colony. A large colony is capable of making enough noise to be audible when walking past the infested wall. Watch any holes in your walls for signs of bees traveling in and out of the structure.

Why Removing Bees from Walls Is So Important

Most homeowners first worry about bees stinging their family or pets. While this is a valid concern, the interior damage is often the most frightening. An abandoned beehive within your walls will leave behind fragile honeycomb and honey.

In the Florida heat, honeycomb wax will melt quickly without its bees to fan it cool with their wings. Melting honeycomb can saturate the interior wood and encourage the growth of bacteria and fermentation of the honey. Improper removal of the honeycomb may leave you with eroded wall interiors and staining of exterior walls. The melted honey may also attract other insects or animals.

Bee Removal from Walls May Require Carpentry Work

Our Fort Lauderdale professional bee removal and relocation experts will need to get into your wall and remove the honeycomb along with the bees to prevent structural damage and help facilitate the relocation of the bees. Our licensed contractors will open the wall, safely and humanely remove the bees, close up the wall, and secure any other potential entry points. Our goal is to return your wall to optimal condition and prevent future infestations.

Once our Fort Lauderdale professional bee removal and relocation experts remedy your existing bee problem, we do a complete check of your home exterior and seal any other cracks or holes that may harbor bees. If you have carpenter bees, we offer repair services to correct any damage they have done, including treating any exposed wood that may attract more bees.

When you need a Fort Lauderdale professional bee removal and relocation service expert, contact Bee Boys. Removing bees from walls requires an experienced bee hive removal expert and a licensed carpenter. Bee Boyz Inc. has a team trained in bee removal and carpentry to ensure your problem is taken care of on all fronts. Call us at 954-483-5533 for a free inspection and estimate. We take care of your current bee problems and help prevent new infestations.

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