Broward Natural Bee Removal and Relocation by the Experts at Bee Boyz Inc.

A Broward Bee Removal Expert can help you remove bees from your home or business safely and Naturally

Bees have every right to make a home for themselves, but when their presence threatens your family, you have a right to remove them. Do not take the removal process into your own hands. South Florida beekeeper Jorge Valencia removes the bees humanely and keeps them alive to benefit a healthy bee population. Bee Boyz Inc.’s Fort Lauderdale bee removal and relocation control process ensures your property is safe while protecting a necessary inhabitant of our ecosystem.

What is natural bee removal?

Natural bee removal begins with locating the hive or nest, identifying the species, and creating a plan to remove them with as little disruption to their home and yours. Our Fort Lauderdale bee removal and control team comes equipped with all the tools necessary to open walls and soffits, remove and relocate the bees, and patch up your home.

For friendly bees such as honeybees, we use a smoker gun to pump wood smoke into the hive. Smoke relaxes the bees, makes them less likely to attack, and makes them easier to move. Once the bees are calm, we examine the hive and locate the queen. We move the queen to a nuc box that keeps her safe from the other bees during transport.

We remove the honeycombs, keeping as much intact as possible, and place them in special transport containers where the bees will re-settle. Once the bees are secure, we take the honeycombs and queen to a local beekeeper with a compatible bee population. Every time we remove bees, you are helping local beekeepers keep their hives healthy and full!

In some cases, bee relocation is either not possible or not desired, and in these cases, we must humanely euthanize the bees. We mostly euthanize Africanized honeybees, a species that threatens the North American honeybee population. We also may choose to euthanize aggressive species such as yellow jackets if they are too dangerous to move.

Broward Bee RemovalWhat happens after the removal?

Our Fort Lauderdale bee removal services usually takes one visit to remove the bees, but if we had to open eaves or walls, we might require another day or two. During the post-removal time, we ensure all bees and residual nesting are gone and the hole is completely sealed. We also inspect the rest of your home to ensure there are no easy entry points to prevent future infestation.

After every bee removal or bee relocation, we educate our Fort Lauderdale customers on how and why bees nest in certain parts of their property. We help homeowners with necessary preventative repairs to soffits and clean up landscaping that may harbor ground nests or tree hives.

Trust the Professionals to Safely Remove Your Bees

Store-bought sprays and traps can be ineffective and could put you in danger during the removal process. Let the experts at Bee Boyz Inc. take care of your Broward and Fort Lauderdale bee control with their safe, natural process. Call 954-483-5533 for a free estimate on bee removal or bee relocation services.

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