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Bees thrive in South Florida weather, and while their populations increase during the warmest seasons, you can find them year-round. They play an important role in the maintenance of our food supply and the preservation of native plants, but they can become a nuisance when they take up residence in or around your home, business, or vehicle. Some people feel tempted to use hoses or chemical sprays to take down nests, but we have a solution that works better for both you and the bees.

At Bee Boyz, Inc., we offer reliable commercial and residential bee removal in Boca Raton. Our trained professionals use safe, natural methods to remove the bees alive as often as possible, relocate them, and repair any access points in your home to help prevent future infestations. We can help you get rid of your bee problem for good while causing as little harm as possible to both your building and the bees. Contact us today at (954) 483-5533 or use our online form for your free estimate on bee removal service.

Where Bees Like to Nest

Bees have a resourceful nature and can make their homes in many places. They simply need a cool, dark space to colonize that also allows them easy access to the outdoors to do their important work. Unfortunately, some of the ideal bee nesting spots include areas inside and outside your home or business.

Except for carpenter bees, which bore holes into untreated wood, bees do not usually harm the buildings they inhabit. However, their hives can cause damage that requires extensive repairs. If you suspect that you may need bee removal at your home or office, we can provide you with a free inspection before the problem gets worse.

Beehive in a Wall

Bees like the dry, enclosed space inside walls as it protects them from disturbances and predators. However, their presence can cause serious damage to construction materials in the wall, especially if the hive remains for an extended time.

After bees abscond, or leave, their hive, the honeycomb begins to melt in the Florida heat. This liquefied wax can seep into boards, stain walls, and cause bacteria to accumulate. The honey left in the hive may also ferment, attracting other insects and animals. Immediate beehive removal can help you avoid further damage.

Bees in Soffit

The soffits, or underside of your roof overhangs, often attract bees and wasps because they provide a protected area for them to build their nests. If you see bees or wasps flying around your soffits, this does not indicate that you have a problem. However, it might indicate they will soon build a nest, so keep an eye on the area from a safe distance for a few days and see if you notice signs of colonization, such as large numbers of bees in one area or a cluster of bees.

The weight of the bees and their nest alone can damage your soffit, and the openings they came in through can allow for reinfestation. With our professional bee removal in Boca Raton, we can help you address the problem before it gets worse and seal access points to help keep your home safe from bees and wasps for good.

Nests and Swarms on Vehicles

As a Florida resident, you may have heard about the tendency for bees to build hives in rarely used cars, trucks, boats, and other vehicles. This does occur on occasion, but temporary swarms actually create more frequent problems.

When bees travel in groups, they tend to rest in groups, and they often choose cars to do so. They usually move on within a few hours, but you probably do not have a few hours to wait for them to go on their own. If you find your car covered in a swarm of bees, we can provide same-day service to help you resolve the issue right away.

Bees in Meter Boxes

Like other areas around the home that provide both adequate shelter and an easy exit to the outside, bees regularly make water meters and electrical boxes their homes. Certain types of bees that make underground nests, such as Africanized honeybees, can become extremely aggressive when disturbed, so we strongly advise against attempting to remove the bees and their nests yourself. Call Bee Boyz, Inc. today at (954) 483-5533

How to Identify Bee Nests

The earlier you can spot a potential bee problem, the earlier we can resolve the issue before they damage your home or business. Some signs that can help you identify the presence of beehives or the beginnings of colonization include:

  • Many bees in one spot
  • Holes in walls or on the boards that run along the bottom of your roof
  • A continuous buzzing sound coming from a specific area
  • A “bee ball” or cluster of bees that forms before bees nest
  • Discoloration on walls

Even if you do not know for sure, our team can perform an inspection to determine whether you need to take action. If not, we can check the areas in question and make sure they do not have access points for infestation. If you need bee removal services, we can provide them as soon as possible and take steps to help prevent future occurrences.

Bees and Wasps on Construction Sites

Construction sites give bees and wasps ample space to create homes, and crews often find them in the walls of partially built homes, under boards, and inside pipes. In some cases, though, they can go unnoticed, and you and your workers might not realize the issue until someone unintentionally disturbs the nest. To avoid the dangers associated with an aggressive colony, we suggest calling us out for an inspection before demolition or building to ensure no hidden nests exist on the property or in the building.

Bee Removal Near Me

The experts at Bee Boyz, Inc., provide safe, efficient bee removal in Boca Raton for businesses and homeowners alike. Under the direction of our founder, beekeeper, and longtime South Floridian Jorge Valencia, we offer a natural and reliable alternative to dangerous methods that protects the integrity of your home, the safety of your family, and the role of the bees, which we relocate with area beekeepers. Call us today at (954) 483-5533 for your free quote. 

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