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South Florida’s year-round warm weather makes it a hot spot for many types of bees. While the population grows through spring and summer, bees will take up residence in and around Plantation homes and businesses during any season. Bees serve a critical function in the maintenance of our local ecosystem and agriculture, but they can have detrimental effects on the structures they inhabit.

At Bee Boyz Inc., our team of trained professionals can safely and effectively remove the bees from your home and take steps to help avoid future infestations. As often as possible, we remove the bees alive and relocate them with area beekeepers so they can continue to do their important work without causing damage to your building or landscaping. Call us today at (954) 483-5533 for your free estimate on bee removal in Plantation.

Common Locations for Bee Infestations

Bees like to build their nests in cool, dark spaces that give their colonies shelter while still allowing them access to outside resources. Unfortunately for homeowners and business owners, many areas in and around buildings fit this description, and bees readily take advantage of their convenience. They even make homes in meter boxes and other outdoor structures, and their nest can cause damage if not removed.

Bees in Soffit

The soffit, or the underside of your roof’s overhang, makes the ideal nesting area for many types of bees and wasps. They can often find small, open areas through which to access them, and their mostly enclosed construction provides bees with the safety they seek for their hives.

The weight of the bees alone can cause damage to your soffits, as can the remnants of their nests. If you notice bees or wasps around your soffits, monitor the area from a safe distance for a few days. If the number of bees increases or you notice a “bee ball,” or a cluster of bees that indicates the beginning of colonization, we can provide reliable bee removal service that keeps them away for good.

Bee Hive in Wall

In some cases, bees will even make their nests inside the walls of a home or business. They usually find their way in not from an interior wall, but by finding existing access points from the outside, such as gaps for electrical wiring, loose siding, and holes in wooden building materials. One species, carpenter bees, may even bore holes into the outside of the building to create an entrance. Once inside, they build their hives in the protected space within the wall.

With the exception of carpenter bees, who may leave obvious holes that can indicate their presence, most bees do not cause damage themselves. However, their nests can destroy the structural integrity of a building from the inside out, especially when bees abscond, or leave their hive behind.

Bees use their wings to cool the honeycomb, and without them present to keep the hive cool, the Florida heat often melts it inside the wall. The liquefied wax seeps into boards, stains walls, and can lead to the buildup of bacteria and fermentation of leftover honey, which may attract other insects and rodents. If you notice signs of damage or the presence of an active colony, such as a large number of bees in a certain area or a buzzing sound coming from the wall, Bee Boyz Inc. can help. Fill out our online form today for a free quote on bee hive removal services.

Bees in Vehicles

If you have cars, trucks, boats, RVs, or other vehicles that you do not use for an extended period of time, they may attract bees as potential nesting areas. More often, however, Floridians have trouble with swarming bees. Bees often travel in groups, and they rest in groups, as well, often on vehicles. You might only be inside Publix for 30 minutes and come out to find your car covered in bees.

While they usually move on after a few hours, we know you do not have a few hours to wait, and attempting to remove them yourself can agitate them and pose a risk to your safety. We offer same-day bee removal in Plantation for situations like these so you can get back to your busy schedule as soon as possible.

Bees on Construction Sites

Construction sites give bees many places to build their nests, from partially constructed buildings to the inside of pipes and even on construction vehicles. With so many places to hide, they often go unnoticed until a worker accidentally disturbs a nest, which can lead to an attack. If you suspect that you have a bee infestation on your construction site or you plan to demolish or build soon, we encourage you to contact us right away to conduct an inspection and remove the bees before they present a threat to your crew.

Trust Us to Provide Reliable Bee Removal Services

Led by beekeeper and longtime South Floridian Jorge Valencia, our team of professionals takes both the protection of your home or business and the preservation of bees seriously. Our natural method allows us to remove and relocate the bees with little to no disruption to your home, and our team of licensed and insured contractors can repair the damage the bees caused.

We start by using wood smoke to relax the bees, which makes it easier for us to remove them from their hive. Then, we gently remove the hive, keeping it as intact as possible, and place it in a special container for relocation. Once we complete the work, we take the bees and their hive to a local beekeeper, where they can make their homes without damaging yours. We only euthanize when necessary, such as when a species becomes too aggressive or threatens the population of native bees.

Bee Removal Near Me

If you need bee removal in Plantation, the Bee Boyz Inc. team can help you resolve your bee or wasp issue before the situation worsens, inspect your home and seal all access points, and repair the damage caused by bees and their nests. We also provide groundskeeping services, which allow us to create a beautiful, native landscape for you while discouraging the occurrence of underground nests. Call us today at (954) 483-5533 for your free quote.

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