Soffit Repair due to Water, Weather or Bee infestation Damage

South Florida homes have some features that are very attractive to bees and small rodents. Your soffits and eaves, the spaces under the overhang of your roof, are excellent nesting areas because they are easily accessed, shady, and usually undisturbed by the elements. When you find a bee nest in your soffit, it is usually necessary that a bee removal service open it up to completely remove the nest. For help with bee removal, rodent damage, and soffit repair in the Fort Lauderdale area, call Bee Boyz Inc.: 954-483-5533.

When do you need soffit repair?

Soffits usually need repair after a pest has entered through the mesh barrier and set up home. These pests can be small like bees or wasps, or larger pests such as squirrels and rats. Rodents often do the most damage by chewing through the mesh and leaving an entry point for other smaller pests like bees to follow.

Aluminum and wood soffits are slightly harder to make a hole in, but when a gap appears between the roof and soffit material, that becomes an entry point for bees. These soffits can also be damaged by storms and debris, leaving them weakened and easy to pry open by rodents.

How do you repair soffits?

soffit repairOur licensed Fort Lauderdale soffit repair contractors first assess the damage and make sure we have the proper materials to match your existing soffits. The first step is to remove any damaged materials and clean up the hole.

Once the soffit is open, we go about removing anything inside the soffit or attic that should not be there. Unwanted materials can include bee hives, rodent nests, or debris from the damage. Pest and debris removal is extremely important. If a contractor seals your soffits before removing any live animals, that could lead to dead rodents in your attic or melting bee hives. Both of these problems can cause unpleasant odors and structural damage to internal wood.

Once the clean out is complete, we work to restore that area of your soffit and ensure it matches the rest of your home. Aluminum is the easiest to repair, while wood will require matching to the existing grain or painting and cutting to size. Concrete and mesh soffits require the most work with quick-set cement and new mesh.

Preventing Future Soffit Damage

Anytime we repair soffits after bee or rodent destruction, we also make sure to properly secure the rest of your home. We reinforce soffits and make them less accessible to pests, whether by using stronger wood or mesh with smaller holes.

When it comes to Fort Lauderdale soffit repair after a pest infestation, trust Bee Boyz Inc. to go above and beyond to ensure the safety of your property. While repairing your soffits, we can do a whole home inspection to identify any other potential entry points or landscaping hazards that could lead to a new bee infestation.

The walls of a South Florida home put up with some serious wear and tear. From hurricanes to bee infestations, most Florida homeowners will have to consider home repairs at least once in their lifetime. Bee Boyz Inc. serves Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas with soffit repair and wall repair following bee removal or storm damage. For a free estimate and inspection of your damage, call 954-483-5533.

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