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South Florida’s sunny climate provides ideal conditions for year-round bee nesting. Most bee activity takes place during spring and summer, but bees will nest anytime in Florida, especially if they can find shelter on structures in homes, businesses, and vehicles. Many people who notice the nesting bees worry about them stinging people and pets, which can happen. However, bees typically do not sting unless disturbed, but they can cause serious damage to the areas they inhabit.

If you need bee removal in Miami, Bee Boyz Inc. can provide the expert services you need to rid your home of the bees and prevent them from coming back. We use natural removal methods and, as often as possible, relocate the living bees with area beekeepers so they can serve their vital function to our local ecosystem without causing damage to your home or business. Fill out our online form today to get your free estimate for bee removal service.

Bees Nest in Many Places Inside and Outside of Buildings

Bees prefer certain areas of buildings based on the level of safety they provide and their ease of access. With the exception of carpenter bees, which bore into wooden structures to make their homes, bees and wasps typically rely on open access points such as loose siding, holes in wood, and open gaps for electrical wiring. While they certainly mean no harm, they often cause it, and our bee hive removal service can safely resolve the situation before it worsens.

Bee Hive in Wall

We often receive calls about issues with bees nesting inside the walls of a home or business. While the bees themselves do not usually cause much damage, their hives can, especially when they abandon them and leave them to melt inside a structure. The sooner you can schedule expert removal, the greater the chance that you can minimize damage to the building.

Bees use their wings to cool the honeycomb wax in their hives, but when they leave their hive, known as absconding, the warm South Florida weather causes the wax to melt inside the wall. This liquified substance can soak through boards, stain walls, and lead to the growth of bacteria and the fermentation of honey. Not only can this destroy your wall, but it sometimes draws in other types of insects or animals.

In large groups, you can often hear the buzzing of bees just by walking past their nesting area. If you have noticed a noise coming from inside the wall, holes in the wall, or bees on or near a specific wall, we can remove and relocate the bees as soon as possible.

Bees in Soffit

Soffits, the underside of your roof overhang, often attract bees looking to nest as they provide the protection they need while still allowing them access to outside resources. If you notice bees or wasps flying around your soffits, observe them for a few days and see if you notice any signs of colonizing, such an increase in number or the presence of a cluster of bees. If so, you likely have the beginnings of a hive or nest.

Always remember to keep a safe distance when observing the bees. Most have a docile nature, but all species can become aggressive if they feel threatened, which can pose a risk to your family, particularly children. You may feel tempted to use bee and wasp sprays you can buy off the shelf or to spray the nest with the hose, but this will likely agitate them and can lead to a dangerous situation.

You can trust the experts at Bee Boyz Inc. to provide reliable bee removal in Miami. We respond quickly to both residential and commercial service calls, and our licensed and insured contractors can repair any damage caused by bees and their hives. Call us today at (954) 483-5533 for your free quote.

Bees in Meter Boxes

Bees often seek out water meters or electrical boxes to make their nests because of the shelter they provide, particularly for ground-nesting species. Be sure to check these areas for swarms or buzzing sounds regularly, as bee hives can cause serious damage to the wiring system that provides electricity to your home or business. If you notice signs of bee infestation near meter or electrical boxes, our bee removal experts can take care of the issue right away.

Nests and Swarms on Vehicles

Bees like to make their homes in vacant cars, trucks, and boats, but they will also occupy vehicles that you regularly use. Instead of building nests, though, they will often swarm cars in groups as a resting place during their travels. They usually leave the area within a few hours, but you may not have a few hours to wait. If you walked out of your house, work, or even the grocery store to find your car covered in bees, we can help with same-day bee removal in Miami.

Construction Sites Make Ideal Nesting Areas for Bees and Wasps

Construction sites offer bees plenty of areas for nesting, such as in pipes, behind drywall, and under boards. Workers should always remain aware of the potential for bee hives in these areas to prevent unintentionally disturbing them. We can provide inspections before you demolish a building, as nesting bees may hide within the structure, and before you build, as digging around the homes of ground-nesting bees may cause them to attack.

Bee Removal Near Me

At Bee Boyz Inc., we take pride in our natural approach to bee removal and relocation. Under the guidance of South Floridian and beekeeper Jorge Valencia, our team uses safe methods that effectively resolve your bee infestations while, in most cases, protecting the bees and their hives, as well.

Although we must euthanize in some cases due to the aggressive nature of certain species or threat to native populations, we typically use smoke to relax the bees before gently removing them and their hives, which we keep as intact as possible. Then, we take them to local beekeepers where they can do their important jobs without affecting your home or business. We also provide landscaping and contracting services, all with the protection of bees and the integrity of your building in mind.

If you need bee removal services in Miami, contact our team of trained professionals today at (954) 483-5533 for your fast, free estimate.

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